35 Fruits That Start with S

There are a lot of different fruits in the world but if you are looking for a fruit that starts with S, this article is here to help you out. In this list of fruits, we have covered every single fruit that starts with the letter “S”.

So let’s get started…!


35 Fruits That Start With S

1. Sapodilla

Also known as sapota, Sapodilla is a round or pear-shaped fruit with brown, scaly skin. It has a smooth, slightly sticky texture and a sweet, rich flavor.

It can be enjoyed on its own, or used as a topping for ice cream, yogurt, or oatmeal.

2. Starfruit

Native to Southeast Asia, Starfruit is a green or yellow-colored fruit and has a star-shaped cross-section. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and has a sour-sweet taste and is often used in salads, desserts, and juices.

3. Strawberry

There’s something about strawberries that just screams summertime. A member of the rose family, strawberries are not only delicious but also nutritious. Just a handful of strawberries provides more vitamin C than an orange.

The flesh of strawberries is soft and juicy with a sweet taste and a slightly acidic flavor.

4. Soursop

Soursop is a fruit that is native to tropical regions and has a white flesh with black seeds and a sour taste. It is best eaten when it is ripe and is often used in desserts or made into juice.

5. Sweet Pepper Fruit

Native to Central and South America, Sweet pepper fruit is a type of capsicum that is usually red, green, or yellow when ripe. It has a sweet, slightly spicy flavor and a crunchy texture and is often used in salads, salsa, and other dishes.

6. Seville Orange

Seville oranges are a type of small orange that is typically used for marmalade. They have thin, easy to peel skin and have a tart, bitter flavor and are very acidic.

7. Sugar Apple

Sugar apples, also known as custard apples, are a type of fruit that is native to tropical regions. It has a sweet, custard-like flesh that is often described as being similar to a cross between a pear and a grape.

Sugar apples are typically eaten fresh, but can also be used in a variety of recipes such as pies, desserts, and jams.

8. Satsuma

Native to Japan, Satsuma is a small, round citrus fruit with a thin, orange skin. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and orange and is often eaten fresh, as a snack or in salads.

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9. Salak

Salak, also known as snake fruit, is an oval-shaped fruit native to Southeast Asia. It has a scaly, snake-like skin with white or pink flesh and a crunchy texture. The fruit has a sweet taste with a hint of sourness.

Salak is often eaten fresh, but it can also be used in jams and juices.

10. Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar baby watermelons are small, round watermelons that weigh anywhere from 6 to 12 pounds. They have a deep green exterior with light green stripes running down their sides. They have extremely sweet flesh which is deep red in color.

11. Sandcherry

Sandcherry is a type of fruit that belongs to the family of cherries and is closely related to the sour cherry and the sweet cherry. It is small and round, and usually has dark purple to black color. It has a firm and juicy flesh with a sour and acidic taste.

12. Sunrise Papaya

Native to South America, Sunrise papaya is a type of papaya that is characterized by its orange flesh. It is round or oval in shape and is often used in salads, smoothies, and other dishes.

13. Santol

Native to Southeast Asia, Santol is a fruit that has firm, fibrous, white flesh with a large seed in the center. It has a sour, acidic taste that is often compared to that of a grapefruit.

Santol is often used as a souring agent or added to curries and other dishes for extra flavor.

14. Strawberry Guava

If you’re looking for a fruit that’s both delicious and beautiful, look no further than the strawberry guava. It is a small, round fruit that is typically red or pink in color with thin, edible skin. The flesh of Strawberry Guava is sweet and full of flavor.

15. Sugar Palm Fruit

Native to Southeast Asia, Sugar palm fruit is a large, dark-colored fruit that has sweet, juicy flesh. It is often used in desserts or as a snack and can also be made into a syrup or powder.

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16. Soncoya

Soncoya, also known as níspero, is a tropical fruit native to Central and South America. It has a sweet taste, similar to that of a peach or apricot with firm and juicy flesh.

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17. Surinam Cherry

Native to South America, the Surinam cherry is a fruit that resembles a small, red-blackberry and is often used in jams, jellies, pies, and other desserts.

18. Sour Cherry

There’s something special about sour cherry. It’s a type of tart and tangy cherry, with a juicy texture that makes it perfect for snacking on. But it’s also a versatile ingredient that can be used in all sorts of dishes, from pies and tarts to jams and sauces.

19. Safou

Safou, also known as African plum, is a delicious fruit that is originally from West Africa. It has a soft, juicy flesh with a sweet, slightly tangy flavor. The skin of the fruit is thin and can be eaten along with the flesh.

20. Salal

Native to Pacific Northwest, Salal is a small, tart berry with a deep purple color. Their taste has been described as similar to a cross between a grape and cranberry. It is often used in jams and jellies, as well as pies and other desserts.

21. Splendor Apple

The Splendor Apple is a type of apple that is known for its sweet and tangy flavor. It is also recognized for its bright red color with a yellowish tint and is slightly larger than a typical apple with a round shape.

22. Squashberry

Native to North America, Squashberry is a red fruit found in the wild in moist woods or along streams.  It is tart and has a similar taste to cranberries with a firm and chewy texture.

23. Saigon Mango

Native to Vietnam, Saigon mangoes are known for their sweetness and have a similar taste to other mango varieties. They are typically oval in shape and have yellow or orange flesh with green or yellow skin.

24. Sunset Mango

There are countless varieties of mangoes, but one of the most popular is the Sunset Mango. It is characterized by its deep orange flesh and sweet, fiery flavor.

25. Seagrape

Seagrape is a small, sweet, and juicy fruit with a grape-like flavor. There are around 150 species of seagrape, and they are native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

26. Sarvisberry

Sarvisberry is a type of berry that can be found in the wild. It has a sweet and sour taste and a chewy texture. Sarvisberry is usually red or purple in color and is about the size of a grape.

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27. Stinking Bishop Pear

Stinking Bishop Pear is a variety of pear used to make Perry which is used to wash Stinking Bishop Cheese.

28. Sunberry

Sunberry is a type of small berry-like fruit with a sweet taste and a soft texture. It has a deep black color and a sweet taste and is best eaten fresh.

29. Sweet Lemon

Sweet lemons are a type of citrus fruit prized for their uniquely sweet taste. Unlike regular lemons, sweet lemons have very little acidity and are much more mellow in flavor.

30. Sharon Fruit

Sharon fruit is a type of citrus fruit that is native to Israel. The fruit is named after the Sharon plain in Israel, where it was first cultivated. It has a sweet, tangy flavor and a slightly chewy texture with orange flesh and easy-to-peel skin.

31. Shonan Gold

Shonan Gold is a type of citrus fruit that is native to Japan. It is named after the Shonan region in Japan, where it is grown. It is small and round and has a tart, acidic flavor with a hint of sweetness.

32. Snowberry

The snowberry is a small, round berry that grows on a shrub. They are white in color and have a soft, fleshy texture.

Snowberries are often found in the wild, and they are also grown commercially in some areas.

33. Salmonberry

Native to North America, Salmonberry is a fruit that is closely related to raspberries and blackberries. It is a delicate fruit with a thin skin and has a taste that is similar to raspberries, with a hint of sweetness.

34. Shikuwasa Limes

Native to Okinawa, Japan, Shikuwasa limes are small, round citrus fruits. The taste of shikuwasa limes is similar to that of regular limes, but with a slightly sweeter and more floral flavor.

35. Sudachi

Sudachi is a citrus fruit that is native to Japan. It is similar in appearance to lime, but it is much smaller and has a more acidic flavor.

It is often used as a garnish or to add flavor to dishes.

We hope you found this list of different fruits that start with S helpful. If we missed any fruit, let us know in the comments below!

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