20 Fruits That Start with V

Looking for some fruits that start with the letter V? You have come to the right place. We have compiled a well-informed list of 20 fruits that start with V. We have listed various benefits of these fruits, what they are called and what they are used to make. So let’s not wait anymore and start reading!


20 Fruits That Start With V

1. Velvet Tamarind

The velvet color of its skin derives its name while the outer cover of this tamarind is black. Also known as Yooyi, these tamarinds are less round than regular ones. Its pulp is quite sweet and the fruit is rich in vitamin C as well as potassium. It is often used to make chutneys.

2. Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla fruit is strangely a pod that is used as a spice. It is commonly grown in Mexico. The black-colored fruit doesn’t have a relation with vanilla essence and is commonly used to add zing to spicy Mexican dishes. 

3. Valencia Orange

One of the more flavorful varieties of oranges, Valencia oranges are round, juicy, and have a distinct citrus flavor. These oranges are quite popular in the market and its pulp is liked by one and all.

4. Velvet Apple Fruit

Also known as Manolo, this apple has velvet-textured skin. The fruit is sweet, with its scientific name being Diospyros Blanco. The fruit somewhat looks like a pomegranate instead of an apple from the outside.

5. Vaccinium Parvifolium

You’d find it hard to find a fruit as vivid as this. The blue or red-colored fruit has a smooth texture on its peel and is filled with rinds. Its pulp is very juicy and is dark blue in color. It has white dots on it and has a pretty soft peel which makes it easier to blend directly or eat raw.

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6. Vaccarese Grape

In the wide range of grapes available in the world today, vaccarese grapes are just another variety. They are purple, red, and green in color depending upon their stages of ripeness. This grape is often used to make wines and is often imported from France to other countries.

7. Valencia Pride Mango

Easily the fastest growing mangoes in Florida, Valencia Pride mangoes are as delicious as other species. These mangoes are surprisingly red in color and slightly heavy in weight. These mangoes are very pulpy and juicy when completely ripe.

8. Vernaccia Grape

You might already be familiar with them if you are a fan of white wine as these grapes are used to extract white wine. These Italian grapes are used in various types of delicious wines and are round and green in color.

9. Vespolina Grape

Another popular Italian grape used to make wines, Vespolina grapes look extremely cool with their dark purple color. It can also be eaten raw or used to make delicious and healthy smoothies. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber.

10. Van Dyke Mango

Among the thousands of varieties of mangoes found in Florida, the Van Dyke mango is one of the most popular. It has an intoxicating and intense fragrance and is extremely sweet when ripe. If you’re in America during the summer, these mangoes are a must-try.

11. Vicar of Winkfield Pear

As strange as the name is, the pear actually is quite refreshing in flavor. There are thousands of varieties of pears in this world and this is just another one of them. It is commonly used in cooking and baking but can also be eaten raw, thanks to its sweet and refreshing taste.

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12. Voa Vanga

A popular fruit in African cuisine, Voa Vanga is round and dark green in color. It has a sour taste and is commonly known as Spanish Tamarind because of its uncanny resemblance to tamarind in taste. These fruits are commonly found during summers.

13. Victoria Plum

Native to England, the Victoria plum is now found across the globe. They are sweet in taste and dark red in color. Just like regular plums, these plums have a large rind inside. The flesh inside is a combination of yellow and red and has a good, juicy bite to it.

14. Volkamer Lemon

A mixture or hybrid of sour oranges and lemons, this citrus fruit is highly rejuvenating during summers. It’s juicy and can add a lot of zing to your foods as well as drinks. It has an intoxicating fragrance that you’d love and you can easily identify it with just its aroma.

15. Verna Lemon

This Spanish variety of lemon is a bit sour and bitter in taste. The fruit is rich in Vitamin C and has a lot of juices inside. It’s a great addition to your fridge in summer and can add some zing to your drinks and can be used as a garnish in salads and side dishes.

16. Villafranca Lemon Fruit

A popular type of lemon from Southeast Asia, this is similar to the Eureka lemon but has fewer seeds. It can be eaten just like any normal lemon. It boosts your immunity because of the high content of vitamin C present.

17. Vitoria

Commonly known as pumpkin, this large orange fruit is used in various dishes, including curries. It has a slightly sweet taste and is often relished in soups, salads, and sweets. But easily, the most popular usage of this fruit is on Halloween. The fruit is fibrous and improves your digestive system.

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18. Vaccinium Corymbosum

Also known as blueberry, this is a very refreshing fruit. It’s typically a combination of dark blue and purple and comes in a host of varieties such as huckleberry, swamp huckleberry, Northern Highbush blueberry, and more. It’s often used in cakes, puddings, and shakes.

19. Vaccinium Floribundum

Commonly called Martino, this is an Andrean Blueberry shrub found in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. The round bluish fruit can be consumed raw as well as used in jellies, jams, and other preserves. The fruit is quite juicy and is a refreshing treat.

20. Vaccinium Myrtillus

European blueberries or Vaccinium myrtillus is blue in color and commonly used in cakes, jams, puddings, and shakes. You can also make sauces and pies with these berries. It is popularly used for culinary purposes.

These were our list of fruits that start with V. They are found in various regions around the world and you must give each of them a try at least once in your life.

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