15 Fruits That Start With Z

Z is a strange letter. You just cannot make a lot of words with it! So naturally, there are not many fruits that start with Z.

But we have covered every single one we could find for you to stop searching.

So let’s get started with this list of fruits that start with Z!


15 Fruits That Start With Z

1. Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

Native to Australia and New Guinea, Zig-Zag vine fruit is the edible fruit of zig-zag vine trees and has a spicy, orange sherbet-like flavor. When ripe, it is bright orange in color and is used to make liquor and sauces for gourmet dishes.

2. Zucchini

Surprised! I was too when I found out that Zucchini is actually a fruit and not a vegetable. It is a type of summer squash and is dark green or yellow-green in color and shaped like a cylinder. It has a mildly sweet, grassy taste and a firm yet tender texture.

The best way to eat zucchini is to slice it into thin strips and eat it raw. It can also be cooked in a variety of dishes, such as stir-fries, soups, and pasta.

3. Zhe Fruit

Zhe Fruit

Also known as Cudrang, Zhe fruit is a mulberry-like fruit that is native to China. Its taste resembles a mulberry when ripe, which is why it’s also known as Chinese mulberry. You can eat it raw or use it in place of mulberry.

4. Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel Grapes have been termed ‘America’s Grape’ (although it does not originate from the US) and are known for their exotic, dark purple hue. They have a very fruity and sweet flavor and are mainly used to make red wine but can also be eaten fresh or used to make jam. 

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5. Zalzalak 

Zalzalak fruit is a type of crab apple native to the Middle East. It is small berry-sized fruit with a reddish-yellow skin and sweet and sour flavor.

It is often used to make wines, jams, and jellies.

6. Ziziphus Jujube Fruit

Ziziphus Jujube fruit, also known as red date or Chinese date, is the fruit of the jujube tree. It is native to China, used in traditional Chinese medicine, and has many health benefits.

It can be eaten fresh, dried, or made into tea. Jujube fruit can also be used in cooking, and is often used in Chinese desserts.

7. Zwetschge

The word “Zwetschge” comes from the German word for “damson plum”. But, Zwetschge is not damson plum, it’s actually a subspecies of damson plum. It is a purple-colored fruit and has a tart and tangy flavor with a hint of sweetness, and a firm and chewy texture.

It can be eaten fresh or cooked down into a compote or jam.

8. Zarzamora

The wild Zarzamora berry goes by the common English name, elm leaf/thornless blackberry. It’s primarily found in Europe and North Africa and also in certain parts of America. It is black or dark purple in color and has a sweet-tart taste and is often used in desserts and jams.

9. Zabergau Reinette Apples

Zabergau Reinette apple is a german russet apple prized for its excellent flavor and crisp texture. The Zabergau Reinette is a medium-sized apple with greenish-yellow skin covered in red streaks. The flesh of the apple is white and firm, with a sweet-tart flavor that is simply delicious.

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If you’re lucky enough to find Zabergau Reinette apples, be sure to grab them quickly! They are only available for a short time each year, so enjoy them while you can.

10. Zwangtah/Zongchak Fruit

Zongchak Fruit

Also known as Yongchak, it is a fruit that goes by many names. Zongchak is a legume that is found in the Indian state of Manipur and also in China & Africa. It has a sweet flavor and can be used in recipes or eaten raw.

11. Zill Mango

There’s something special about Zill mangos. They’re not like other mangos.

Zill mangos are a relatively small variety of mango and are usually bright yellow or orange when ripe. When it comes to taste, Zill mangos are in a class of their own. They’re incredibly sweet, with a rich, complex flavor that’s unlike any other mango.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and delicious mango, Zill is the variety for you.

12. Zestar Apple

The Zestar apple is a variety of apple that was developed in Minnesota and is a cross between the State fair and the MN 1691 apple. It is a very crisp apple with a sweet-tart flavor.

Zestar apples are best eaten fresh, but they can also be used in pies, tarts, and other desserts.

13. Zapote

Native to Central America, Zapote is a round or oval-shaped fruit with dark brown skin. There are many different types of zapote, including the mamey zapote, sapodilla zapote, and black zapote.

The flesh of the Zapote fruit is soft and pulpy with a sweet, yet slightly sour, taste. When eaten fresh, zapote is often cut into slices or cubes but it can also be made into juices, ice creams, and other desserts.

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14. Zabala 

Native to the tropical rainforests of South America, the Zabala fruit is a traditional food of the indigenous people of the Amazon basin. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and is often eaten fresh or made into jams and jellies.

The sausage-shaped fruit also bears maroon/brown flowers. It is often eaten fresh or made into jams and jellies.

15. Zweigelt Fruit

The name “Zweigelt” means “two grapes” in German. Native to Austria and Hungary, Zweigelt is a type of fruit that belongs to the red grape family. It is small and round, with a thin skin that is reddish-purple in color and has a flesh that is juicy with a sweet-tart flavor.

Zweigelt grapes are usually used to make red wine but can also be eaten fresh. They are also known as “Blauer Zweigelt” and “St. Laurent”.

That’s it! We’ve covered all the known fruits that start with Z. We hope we helped you learn something new today.

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