45 Foods That Start with I

There are a lot of different foods whose names start with the letter I. This includes spices, fruits, dishes, vegetables, nuts, condiments, beverages, desserts, and cooked food items.

Each of these foods has its own unique benefits that can impact our health in different ways.

Some of these items are indigenous to certain parts of the world, while others can be found almost anywhere.

By the end of the list, you will have the knowledge of a whole variety of foods that start with I that you can try out in your kitchen today!


45 Foods that Start with I

1. Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amla, this fruit is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve eye health.

Amla is indigenous to India and can be eaten raw or used in juices, smoothies, or desserts. It is also consumed in the form of a dessert called Murabba.

2. Irish Potato

This root vegetable is a staple in Irish cuisine and is high in Vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Potatoes can be boiled, mashed, roasted, or made into a variety of dishes.

3. Italian Squash

Italian squash is a type of summer squash that is typically green or yellow in color. It is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. This squash can be eaten raw, cooked, or pickled. It is often used in salads, soups, and pasta dishes.

4. Ice Vegetable

Ice vegetable is a type of leafy green vegetable that is grown in cold weather conditions. It is also known as winter cabbage or cruciferous plant.

Ice vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it has been shown to have various health benefits.

5. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is a type of crisphead lettuce that is light green in color. It is low in calories and nutrients but is often used as a food wrapper or as a base for salads. Iceberg lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked.

6. Indian Corn

Also known as maize, Indian corn is a type of grain that is native to the Americas. It is high in carbohydrates and fiber and is a staple food in many cultures. Indian corn can be ground into flour, popped, or made into polenta.

7. Italian Parsley

Italian parsley is a type of flat-leafed parsley that is used in Italian cuisine. It has a mild flavor and can be used as a garnish or added to soups and salads. Italian parsley is high in vitamins and minerals.

8. Idaho potatoes

Idaho potatoes are a type of potato that is grown in the state of Idaho in the United States. Idaho potatoes are famous for their large size and their high quality. They are used in many different dishes, including French fries, mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes.

Idaho potatoes are also popular as a snack food, and they can be found in many supermarkets and convenience stores.

9. Indian Yam

Indian yam is a type of root vegetable that is native to India. It is high in carbohydrates and fiber and is a staple food in many cultures. Indian yam can be boiled, mashed, roasted, or made into a variety of dishes. It is also used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments.

10. Indian Bay Leaf

Indian bay leaf is a type of bay leaf that is used in Indian cuisine. It has a spicy and peppery flavor and can be used in curries or to flavor rice dishes. Indian bay leaf is high in antioxidants and can help improve heart health.

11. Indian Squash

Indian squash is a type of winter squash that is native to India and other parts of Asia. It is a popular ingredient in many Indian dishes, and can also be cooked and eaten on its own.

Indian squash typically has green or orange skin, and flesh that is orange or yellow in color. The flavor of Indian squash is sweet and slightly nutty, and it is often used in sweet and savory dishes alike.

12. Icelandic Moss

Icelandic moss is a type of lichen that is native to Iceland. It is high in protein, fiber, and vitamins C, D, and E. Icelandic moss can be eaten raw or cooked. It is often used in soups or as a food thickener.

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13. Ice cream bean

The Ice cream bean (Inga edulis) is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, that bears large, flat pods containing edible beans. The tree is native to the tropical forests of South America, where it is widely cultivated for its beans.

The beans have a sweet, creamy flavor and can be eaten raw or cooked. Ice cream beans are a popular ingredient in ice cream and other desserts.

14. Iodized salt

Iodized salt is typically made by adding iodine to regular table salt. Iodine is an essential mineral that the body needs in small amounts to function properly. It is used as a food seasoning in many recipes or as a table condiment.

Iodized salt is also widely available and inexpensive, so it is an easy way to make sure that people are getting enough iodine in their diets.

15. Indian Mustard

Indian mustard, also known as Brassica juncea, is a species of mustard plant native to the Indian subcontinent. Indian mustard is a popular condiment in many parts of the world.

It is often used as a sandwich spread or as a dipping sauce for fried foods. Indian mustard is also a common ingredient in many curries and other spice-based dishes.

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16. Italian Dressing

Italian dressing is a type of salad dressing that is made with olive oil, vinegar, and herbs. It is often used on salads or as a marinade for meat or fish. Italian dressing is high in antioxidants.

17. Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is a type of oatmeal that is cooked very quickly, usually in just a few minutes. It is a popular breakfast food because it is quick and easy to make, and it can be easily customized with different toppings and flavors.

Instant oatmeal is also relatively healthy, as it is high in fiber and low in sugar.

18. Ice cream cakes

Ice cream cake is a cake where the main ingredient is, you guessed it, ice cream! It can be made with any flavor of ice cream and often has other ingredients like cookies or cake mixed in. Ice cream cake is usually served cold, right out of the fridge or freezer.

Ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day, or really any day at all as cake and ice cream are everyone’s favorite.

19. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are a quick and easy meal option that people of all ages enjoy. These noodles are typically made from wheat flour, water, and salt, and they are then cooked in boiling water for a short period of time.

Instant noodles can be found in a variety of different flavors, and they can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or as part of a larger meal.

20. Italian Bread

Italian bread is a type of bread that is made with wheat flour, water, and yeast. It has a chewy texture and a slightly sweet flavor. Italian bread is often used for making sandwiches or as a side dish.

21. Instant Pudding

Instant pudding is a quick and easy way to enjoy pudding without having to cook it. Simply add milk to the mix and stir. It’s that simple! Whether you crave chocolate, vanilla, or something else entirely, there’s an instant pudding mix for you.

So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how delicious it is!

22. Irish Soda Bread

There are few things more evocative of Ireland than a loaf of traditional Irish soda bread. This bread has been a staple in Irish homes for generations and is still enjoyed today.

There are many variations of soda bread, but the basic ingredients are flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk.

Soda bread is quick and easy to make and can be enjoyed fresh from the oven or toasted and served with butter or jam. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee and makes a great snack or light meal.

23. Instant Coffee

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy a cup of coffee, instant coffee is a good option. When made properly, instant coffee can be just as delicious as regular brewed coffee.

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However, it is important to follow the instructions on the package carefully in order to avoid any bitter taste.

24. Indian Curry

Indian curry is a popular dish all over the world, and it has become even more popular in recent years as more people have become interested in Indian cuisine.

There are many different types of Indian curry, each with its own unique flavor and ingredients. The most common type of Indian curry is chicken curry, which is made with chicken, tomatoes, onions, and a variety of spices.

25. Italian Gelato

Italian gelato is a type of ice cream that is made with cold milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring. It is denser and creamier than regular ice cream and has a lower fat content. Italian gelato is often served with fruit or cookies.

26. Indian Lentil Soup

Indian lentil soup is a type of soup made with lentils, tomatoes, onions, and spices. It is vegan and gluten-free. Indian lentil soup can be served with rice or bread.

It is a staple Indian food that can also be tampered with curry leaves and other spices to add more flavoring to the rather simply-flavored soup.

27. Irish Cream

Irish cream is a creamy, sweet liqueur that is perfect for sipping on its own or using in cocktails. The classic Irish cream is made with whiskey, cream, and other flavorings.

Irish cream is a popular choice for dessert drinks or as an after-dinner drink.

28. Italian Stuffed Peppers

Italian stuffed peppers are a type of dish made with bell peppers, rice, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. They are vegetarian and can be baked or fried.

Italian stuffed peppers are often served with a side of salad or pasta.

29. Traditional Irish Stew

If you’re looking for a hearty, comforting meal, look no further than traditional Irish stew. This simple dish is typically made with lamb or mutton, potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley. While the ingredients may be few, the flavor is anything but ordinary.

The key to a good Irish stew is in the slow cooking, which allows all of the flavors to meld together perfectly. This dish is the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day.

30. Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

Italian sausage and pepperoni pizza is a type of pizza made with dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, and pepperoni. It can be baked or fried and is often served with a side of salad or pasta. Italian sausage and pepperoni pizza are high in calories and fat.

31. Italian Wedding soup

Italian wedding soup is a hearty, flavorful soup made with a variety of veggies, meatballs, and pasta in a savory broth. It’s the perfect dish to warm up with on a cold day, and it’s also great for feeding a crowd.

Plus, this soup is relatively easy to make, so it’s perfect for weeknight meals.

32. Irish Potato Candy

Irish potato candy is a traditional Irish sweet treat that is made from boiled potatoes, sugar, and spices. It is often served at Christmas time but can be enjoyed year-round. This delicious candy is a great way to enjoy the flavors of Ireland at any time!

33. Italian kisses

Italian kisses are a type of chocolate that is popular in Italy. They are made with cocoa powder, sugar syrup, and milk, and have a smooth, creamy texture. Italian kisses are often served with coffee or tea and can be found in most supermarkets in Italy.

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34. Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is a type of whiskey made in Ireland. Irish whiskey is made from a blend of different types of grain, including barley, corn, and rye. The flavor of Irish whiskey is often described as being smooth and sweet, with notes of vanilla, toffee, and caramel.

35. Irish coffee

Irish coffee is a coffee drink made with whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar. It is traditionally served in a glass with whipped cream on top. Irish coffee is a popular choice for after-dinner drinks and is often served at restaurants and bars.

It can also be made at home with relatively simple ingredients. If you want to try your hand at making Irish coffee, all you need is whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and whipped cream.

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36. Inca berries

Inca berries, also known as physalis peruviana, are native to South America. These small, orange-yellow berries have a tangy taste and a chewy texture. Inca berries are often used in jams, jellies, and pies.

These berries are a good source of vitamins A and C. They also contain fiber and minerals like potassium and iron. Inca berries are sometimes called cape gooseberries or ground cherries.

37. Iced tea

Iced tea is a refreshing beverage enjoyed by people all over the world. It can be made with any type of tea but is most commonly made with black tea. There are many different ways to enjoy iced tea.

Some people like to add fruit or mint to their iced tea, while others enjoy it plain. No matter how you like your iced tea, it’s sure to be a refreshing and enjoyable drink!

38. Ice cream float

An ice cream float is a refreshing and delicious treat that is perfect for summertime. It is made by combining ice cream with soda or root beer and is usually served in a tall glass.

The combination of the cold, creamy ice cream with the fizzy soda makes for a delightful and thirst-quenching treat.

39. Irish Guinness Stout

Irish Guinness stout is a type of beer that is made with roasted barley, hops, and water. It has a rich, dark color and a malty flavor. Guinness stout is often served on tap in Irish pubs.

40. Indian Almond fruit

The Indian almond fruit is a hard-shelled fruit that is about the size of an almond. The fruit has a sweet taste and is often used in Indian cooking.

Though the tree of Indian Almond fruit is native to India, it can also be found in other parts of Asia, Africa, and Australasia.

41. Ice Cream

Ice cream is a type of frozen dessert that is made with milk, cream, sugar, and flavors. It has a smooth and creamy texture and can be served in various flavors. Ice cream is typically consumed as a dessert or snack.

42. Iced coffee

Iced coffee is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed any time of day. Made by brewing coffee over ice, iced coffee is perfect for hot summer days or when you need an energizing pick-me-up.

Iced coffee can be enjoyed black or with milk, and there are endless ways to customize your brew. Whether you like your iced coffee sweetened with syrup or flavored with spices, there’s an iced coffee recipe for everyone.

43. Ice cream soda

An ice cream soda is a type of carbonated soft drink that is made with ice cream and flavored syrup. Chocolate ice cream soda is the most popular flavor, but there are many other flavors available as well.

44. Ice Pops

Ice pops are a type of frozen treat that is made by freezing fruit juice or other flavored liquids in a mold. They are also sometimes called ice lollipops or popsicles.

Ice pops are one of the most refreshing and delicious summertime snacks! They come in all sorts of flavors, from fruity to chocolatey, and can be made with just about any type of fruit juice or milk.

45. Italian ice

Italian ice is a refreshing and unique treat that is perfect for any occasion! This delightful frozen treat is made with real fruit juice, so it’s naturally flavorful and lower in calories than other types of ice cream.

Italian ice is also dairy-free and gluten-free, making it a great option for those with food allergies or sensitivities. Whether you enjoy it plain or topped with your favorite toppings, Italian ice is sure to please everyone’s sweet tooth!

So, there you have it! 45 different foods that start with I. From Indian curries to Italian pizzas, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list.

Be sure to try out some of these delicious dishes and drinks the next time you’re looking for a new culinary adventure.

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