27 Best Halloween Snacks

The spooky night is just around the corner, so let’s talk about the food for the day. Are you planning an extra-delicious, sumptuous Halloween celebration this year? Say no more because you have the best Halloween snacks at your service!

Savory delights are the oxygen of any bash, be it birthdays, anniversaries or Halloweens, right? One simple hack to make these treats perfect is to stick to the theme. So, you can choose candies, veggies, meat, and every other goodness as long as it has Halloween elements.

To up the creepy vibe and scream factor, here is a superb list that would inspire you to make the most memorable dishes this year. Most of them are easy, quick, and creative. From spooky monster burgers and devil eggs to skeleton veggie trays and coffin sandwiches, there’s something for everyone.


27 Best Halloween Snacks

1. Halloween Monster Burgers

Via Happyfoodstube

Burgers have been a fan favorite appetizer for years. How about bringing some Halloween twist to the delicious snack? Add two olive eyes, a lettuce tongue, and cheese teeth to make it super attractive. You can go for beef patties or choose a vegan alternative.

2. Graveyard Chicken Enchilada Dip

Via Delish

You must have made enchilada dips before so you know the drill. Make it the perfect snack for Halloween by dipping tortilla chips as the graves in the dish. Other ingredients include shredded lettuce, rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, and taco seasoning. 

3. Bacon Jalapeno Mummies

Via Butteryourbiscuit

If you have tried mummy hotdogs before, it is time to sink your teeth in these bacon bad boys. The trick is to fill half-length jalapenos with cheese and bacon mixture and stick them together by wrapping them with flour. Make sure you leave space for the candy eyes and the cute little monsters would be ready to rule! 

4. Rice Krispy Brains

Via Chefclub

Have you ever tried a combination of strawberry marshmallows and Rice Krispies? Try out this creative Halloween snack which has a marshmallow brain resembling meat. All you have to do is melt strawberry marshmallows and mix them with rice Krispies. Let the mixture set in round containers and the brain is ready to be served.

5. Halloween Oreos

Via Thebakerupstairs

I never thought that cute and harmless Oreos can get a makeover this cool. The customized Oreos look like Frankenstein, Jack O’ Lanterns, white mummies, and scary black cats. All of them have vivid flavors, food coloring, and attractive toppings!

6. Bread Bowl Cauldron

Via Countryliving

I would have never dared to make something as cool and creative as this with bread until today. A crafty Halloween appetizer like this would surely impress guests. Everyone loves a classic dip and chips. The total preparation time is about 2 hours and it is one of the healthiest themed snacks that people would appreciate. 

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7. Skeletons on a Stick

Via Pinterest

If you like marshmallows, collect them in different shapes and sizes because we are converting them into skeletons! The perfect treat for children at a Halloween party, these sticks are super fun to make and you can be as creative as you want. Use edible food coloring for the eyes or simply melt some candies. 

8. Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs

Via Onesimpleparty

People believe that a healthy snack can never be tasty, well it is time to bust the myth. A fruit kabob with ghost faces can be the best quick snack without compromising your health. Use marshmallows, strawberries, and melons on a wooden skewer to make these tasty and fruity treats. 

9. Mini Pumpkin Pizza

Via Realfoodtesco

One of the cutest of the lot, these cute treats are about transforming an Italian delight into a spooky Halloween wonder. You have cheese, fresh veggies, and everything you enjoy in a mainstream pizza. The dough has been molded into tiny pumpkins and baked with the utmost care. They are winning appetizers. 

10. Mini Candy Corn Cheesecakes

Via Pinterest

Cheesecakes might not be a Halloween specialty, but it won’t hurt to make a themed one. Make an Oreo base, add some orange food color to your regular cheesecake recipe and place a cute and tiny ghost on top, that’s it. You can always make the ghosts scarier or just keep it silly and beautiful. 

11. Ghost Pizza Bagels

Via Delish

Are you looking for a quick snack for Halloween? Here are some pizza bagels with mozzarella ghosts smiling on top. The recipe takes less than 20 minutes to complete and you can make a dozen of them without any hassle. Go on, be creative with toppings, and slay with your skills! 

12. Halloween Veggie Tray

Via Cookingwithjanica

Attention all the veggie lovers! You can never have too much of these greens so here’s a dish for you. Decorate an all-vegetable tray this Halloween and have a great time without any sugar guilt or carb boost. The skeleton veggie tray takes about an hour to prepare along with a tasty dip and tortilla chips to make you drool.

13. Smokey Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Via Countryliving

A masterpiece of creativity when it comes to food, these smokey egg devils bring the Halloween spirit like nothing else. The yolk, horseradish, paprika, pumpkin, mayonnaise, and mustard paste is the icing for this dish. You will need large zip-top bags to fill the mix in empty egg whites and finally attach cornichon as stems.

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14. Monster Wraps

Via Womansday

Much like those monster burgers, here are some cute wraps to keep you on your toes with their taste this Halloween. Be your own boss and choose any sandwich mix for the wrap. Cover it with burritos before baking them. These monsters have delicious cheesy hair, olive eyes, and cornichon brows. Super cute, right?

15. Cheese Monsters

Via Danyabanya

One of the easiest recipes for trick-or-treating, these baby cheese monsters are something kids would love. You just need some mini Babylel cheeses and the rest is all about creativity. Use edible food color, non-toxic glue, and edible googly eyes to decorate. This could be a quick fall project for your family as well.

16. Mummy Pumpkin Hand Pies

Via Countryliving

There’s nothing scary or super chic in these pumpkin pies but those cute googly eyes are stealing the show. The pumpkin pie mix is prepared with cream cheese, sugar, egg yolk, and pumpkin pie spices. You will need some patience to make it a success but trust me, it’ll be worth it!

17. Roasted Pumpkin Chipotle Cheddar Tots

Via Halfbakedharvest

Tater tots are very famous snacks or entrees and we love them. How about welcoming them to a very special Halloween menu? Well, you have to make minute changes like replacing the tater with pumpkins and stuffing with a mug of cheese. The combination of chipotle cheddar and pumpkins would surely work out well.

18. Cheddar Crackers

Via Goodhousekeeping

A cheese lover like me can never have enough cheese. If you have someone like me in your life, surprise them with these ultimate cheese crackers. The savory snack is given the Halloween touch with extra-sharp orange cheddar. You can also go for regular cheddar.

19. Coffin Sandwiches

Via Cookpad

Now you know how easy it is to convert a staple dish to a themed delicacy; all you need is a little creativity and people go ga-ga over it. These terrifying sandwiches were shaped to resemble coffins and the cute cross resting on top is made of carrots. It is an easy snack, perfect for the much-awaited Halloween party.

20. Halloween Snack Tray

Via Foxeslovelemons

This tray is an amalgamation of all the famous Halloween appetizers. You have jalapeno mummies, deviled eggs, monster bites, fruit kabobs, and whatnot. A tray like this can be a great gift for the hostess if you are gracing a Halloween party. A good idea would be to include their favorite items in the tray for the spooky night.

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21. Reese’s Bats

Via Delish

We have heard of folklores where vampires rise, ghosts growl, and bats fly on Halloween night. Let’s bring the fiction to the dinner table with these cute Oreo bats. Use mini Resse’s cups as the base and half Oreo cookies for the wings. Use your favorite candies to make the eyes and they are ready to fly!

22. Chocolate Skeleton Cookie Cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

Are you looking for a welcome treat? Try these skeleton cupcakes which have a colorful base with vanilla buttercream. Those cute skeletons are nothing but chocolate cookies shaped using gingerbread men cookie cutters. What a fun way to welcome your guests!

23. Ghostly Pizza

Via Womansday

A quick-serve Halloween snack list would be incomplete without the staple – pizzas! No, I am not talking about a big, family-size pizza but a mini one that works as an appetizer. The recipe is the same as regular pizzas, except we are using the toppings to make ghosts and spiders. Cut the cheese in ghost shapes, and use Kalamata olives for the creepy-crawlies.

24. Halloween Cake Pops

Via Pinterest

If you are looking for an inexpensive and quick Halloween recipe, here is a cute monster waiting for you! Get some white chocolate with purple or lavender food coloring. Melt them to make a perfectly smooth chocolate mix. Once done, grab a good old Oreo and dip it in the purple mix. Finally, use sprinkles and monster eyes to decorate the cake pops.

25. Jack-o’-Lantern Rice Krispies

Via Delish

Believe it or not, this entire creation is just colored Rice Krispies topped with marshmallows, chocolate, and candy corns. The cooking time is about 20 minutes per tray and is very easy to make. Hit the store, buy the essentials and start baking!

26. Halloween Finger Food

Via Chefclub

This finger food is extremely tasty and super satisfying to make. These are sausages and mozzarella wrapped in pastry dough, baked for a few minutes. The fingertips are made of almonds with a tomato sauce base.

27. Halloween Jello Shots

Via Jellinator

From pumpkin spice to killer cherry bombs and belly warmer, a Halloween party would be incomplete without these spiked jello shots. Serve these shots to your guests and make the party a hit!

I hope this list helped you with the food planning for this Halloween. Your guests will surely be left awestruck by these creative delicacies that taste divine. So go on, get your supplies and start cooking! 

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