27 Best Halloween Desserts

Fall has set in – the pumpkins are ripe and orange, and the leaves are adorned with fall colors. This also means that Halloween is just around the corner! The spooky season has officially kicked in and you must start with the ghostly preparations.

Let’s face a tough question, what is the best thing about a Halloween party? We might think that those creative, silly, and spooky costumes might be it but there’s more. FOOD!

If you are hosting a Halloween party this year, planning the dinner might not be enough. What about desserts? You cannot ignore sweet tooths, right? I am not talking about regular s’mores or cookies, but the best Halloween desserts, tailor-made for the occasion.

The recipes are extremely simple and do not require any professional skills. From marshmallow ghost cakes and graveyard pudding cups to pumpkin pies and eyeball cookies, there’s something to please everyone.

Check out the best Halloween Desserts!


27 Best Halloween Desserts

1. Marshmallow Web Ghost Cake

Via Foodnetwork

One of the most delicious guilty pleasures, marshmallows are surely our go-to sweet delight for desserts. Why not take it to the next level this Halloween? Yes, I am talking about a spooky ghost cake with cute molten marshmallow webs! You will need jumbo marshmallows, unsalted butter, heavy cream, and sugar pearls along with regular baking ingredients. Bake a cake as you would normally do, just be sure to play around with food colors and focus on the spooky frosting and decorations.

2. Halloween Monster Donuts

Via Onelittleproject

My favorite from the list, here’s a striking combination of scary and cute! These are just honey-glazed donuts paired with vampire fangs, M&Ms, and some white icing. Go for colorful sprinkles and chocolate icing to make the monsters vibrant. These will surely be a hit among the kids!

3. Mummy Dogs

Via Servedupwithlove

Simple, regular hot dogs are very boring. Halloween calls for some fun and spice, even concerning food. Try out these yellow and orange mummy dogs instead and wow your guests! Made of simple breadsticks, use cheese slices and candy eyes for decor. Who doesn’t love pigs in a roll? 

4. Red Velvet Web Cake

Via Sugarhero

One more marshmallow wonder, here you have a stunning amalgamation of red velvet and black chocolate buttercream. The marshmallow web acts like the cherry on top. Don’t forget to make the very attractive red spider on the top with fondant to make it the perfect Halloween cake!

5. Graveyard Cookie Jar

Via Womansday

Something easy yet fascinating like this cookie jar is quite hard to find. All you need to do is fill a large mason jar with chocolate cake crumbs and white chocolate in the shape of bones. There’s also a special recipe to make the sugar cookies for the cemetery cookie jar. With minimal effort, you get the most innovative and yummy dessert!

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6. Zombie Eyes

Via Insidebrucrewlife

I am sure you have seen edible zombie eyes before but were they this realistic? This recipe has got me drooling. Make a bowl of these peanut butter eyeballs and scare the kids like nothing else. Trust me, everyone would be asking you for the recipe for this piece of art! 

7. Hocus Pocus Halloween Cookies

Via Thesoccermomblog

What can make you go ga-ga over simple chocolate cookies? Just add some delicious ‘witches brew’ green frosting! Inspired by the blockbuster movie Hocus Pocus, you will need green food coloring and M&Ms to decorate them. 

8. Jack Skellington Cheesecakes

Via Hungryhappenings

Do you want to welcome the Pumpkin King to your house this Christmas? If you have been a fan of the movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, then these Jack Skellington cheesecakes are perfect for you. The mini cheesecakes have been topped with rich chocolate ganache. They’re one of the best dessert ideas we’ve come across! 

9. Graveyard Pudding Cookie Cups

Via Mynameissnickerdoodle

Graveyard Halloween treats are quite popular among millennials and people love the creativity that comes with them. Pudding cups like this one have got every element – scary pumpkins, a DIY RIP sign, zombie eyes, and chocolate cookie crunches which make them super delicious and fitting. Be as creative as you want with these and make your guests happy. 

10. Giant Edible Cow Eyeball

Via Squirrelsofafeather

No more human eyeballs to scare people on Halloween, go for giant cow eyeballs instead. They might look a bit weird, but this new agar-agar eyeball is vegan and gluten-free. Say no to gelatin and go for plant-based raw materials without compromising on the decor and taste. 

11. Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

Via Bigbearswife

Much like those delicious cheesecakes, these Jack Skellington oreo pops can be your fun food this Halloween. You will need Oreos for the outer coating and candy melts for the filling. Use white and dark chocolate to make it extra delicious and complete the decor with a black edible marker. 


12. Spooky Forest Pudding Cups

Via Countryliving

Very similar to those graveyard pudding cups, these spooky forests here are screaming Halloween and we cannot take our eyes off them. The chocolate trees are made by placing tree templates on parchment paper and piping chocolate over bamboo skewers. It would be really fun and interesting to make.

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13. Ghost Cake

Via Delish

Here is one more spooky cake delight to add to this wonderful Halloween dessert list that is worth a try. I mean all the festivals deserve a cake, right? You have the white and dark chocolate base and mini meringues looking like cute ghosts as toppings – so delicious! 

14. Pumpkin Pies

Via Womansday

A curated dessert list would be incomplete without delicious pies. This special pumpkin pie takes about an hour to make and the best part is working with pumpkin cutouts. You can make it extra special by adding colored cream and decorating them.

15. Weird Cookie Eyeballs

Via Thepioneerwoman

Another Halloween special eyeball recipe that is not at all scary. These are just open Oreos decorated with gel coulis and Skittles. They hardly take 5 minutes to make and are a perfect in-between sweet snack. Such easy recipes are perfect for big parties – low effort, great taste!

16. Dracula Dentures

Via Delish

Want to creep out your guests and also have them swooning? Make some colorful, tasty dentures. Resembling the scary Dracula mouth, mini marshmallows have been used as teeth packed inside the cookie dough. Give a personalized touch to it by adding sprinkles and toppings. 

17. Chocolate Tombstone Cookies

Via Womansday

I cannot ignore miniature skulls if we are talking about Halloween recipes, right? These chilling sweet treats are made of chocolate cookie dough and the spooky skulls are molten white chocolate. Finish off with edible icing and markers and you have these creative tombstone cookies ready to impress your guests!

18. Monster Mask Cookies

Via Womansday

No tricks are at play here with these edible masks! Don’t fall for those looks, they won’t give you a tough time in the kitchen. All you need are templates of these masks and some basic sugar cookie dough. The magic lies in the decoration.

19. Spooky Spider Cookies

Via Thepioneerwoman

Do you remember that giant spider in the red velvet cake? Tone it down a bit and you have delicious spider cookies at your dinner table. The creamy peanut butter flavor paired with chocolate icing makes it the right dessert for Halloween. Use round chocolate candies to make the spider body and chocolate icing for the legs. 

20. Halloween Spider Bark

Via Womansday

Semi-sweet hot chocolate, pretzel sticks, Oreos, and black royal icing – the ingredients of a fantastic dessert! Bring all these sweet wonders together and you will have the most mouth-watering dessert. Use itsy bitsy malt-ball spiders and icing for the cobwebs to set the Halloween vibe and enjoy with your loved ones.

21. Peanut Butter Cookies

Via Thepioneerwoman

How about enjoying a healthy and tasty peanut butter cup wrapped in cookie dough? It is easy and you can make 2 dozen of these in less than an hour. You can choose to decorate with icing or candy to make it more Halloweeny. 

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22. Cookie-Coated Caramel Apples

Via Thepioneerwoman

It might be the season of pumpkins, but it won’t hurt to show some love to apples! Coat them in caramel and cookie crumbs and you have the best dessert at your service. Insert a wooden stick in the stem end of the apples, to make them easier to eat. 

23. Chocolate Dipped Ghost Pretzels

Via Womansday

Pretzels have been the go-to snack for decades and rightly so. Here’s a quick Halloween dessert recipe to make your guests go wow! Just dip the pretzels in white candy melts and draw ghost faces using an edible marker. They turn out to be so adorable and easy!

24. Jack-O’-Lantern Sandwich Cookies

Via Delish

The lantern might be the center of attention during Halloween but it is quite unexpected to have it right at the dinner table. Try this sandwich cookie recipe for a change and savor every bite of this delicious yet spooky dessert. 

25. Halloween Candy Board

Via Thepioneerwoman

Festivals are all about creativity, whether it is your yard decor or special dishes – that personal touch brings all the difference. This Halloween charcuterie board, for example, is filled with a plethora of candies because we can never have enough of them, can we? Those Hershey’s kisses, M&M’s Creepy Cocoa Crisp, Kit Kats, and whatnot will be loved by all your guests.

26. Pumpkin Cupcakes

Via Ashleemarie

Frosted pumpkins can be very easy to make if you know the tips and hacks. If you are a pro at making cupcakes, you can surely do the piping perfectly and make it a seasonal delight. You will need orange and green food gel to make the cream for the frosting and toppings. 

27. Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

Via Simplyhappyfoodie

These may be the darkest chocolate cookies you have come across. The triple chocolate delight has chocolate chips, and chocolate candies dipped in dark chocolate powder. If you want to make the chocolate flavor touch the ceiling, add some instant espresso powder. Finally, add some Halloween decor with orange candies and decorate with spooky snakes and spiders! 

I know I have spoiled you with the best Halloween dessert recipes and I am not even guilty. It’s time to make the oven pay for every penny you have spent on it by making the best desserts. Delight your guests with these amazing desserts. Happy baking and Happy Halloween!

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