27 Best Halloween Appetizers 

There is no proper way of celebrating a festival without a big feast, and as a person obsessed with Halloween, there is no way you can miss out on creating the spookiest appetizers for your family and friends. This list of 27 Halloween appetizers gives you the most creative recipes that are mouthwateringly delicious. What’s even better is that most of them are super easy to follow. From breadsticks to hot dogs and spiders to mummies, you’ll find a recipe for everything!


27 Best Halloween Appetizers 

1. Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Via Foodnetwork

Let’s begin with a bang? Stuffed mushrooms may not sound all that special, but add gory eyeballs to the mix, and you get a dish fit to scare the bravest of the lot. The garlic cheese filling and dried tomato toppings add bonus points to this snack.

2. Mummy Skin Brie 

Via Delish

It’s time to elevate your basic pastries and make mummy-inspired brie pastries this Halloween. Serving about six people, this recipe is perfect for a small family Halloween party. This gooey puffy pastry is best enjoyed with some crackers and horror movies that will make you enjoy both the snack and the festival.

3. Cheesy Pumpkin Puffs 

Via Foodnetwork

If there’s one thing you cannot miss making for your guests, it’s these cheesy pumpkin puffs. Jack-O-Lantern is a classic Halloween staple, and these puffs will take you right back to the roots. The Food Network has shared a detailed recipe that ensures you don’t have to go through any trouble while cooking these.

4. Spooky Spinach Dip In A Bowl

Via Countryliving

This isn’t your average Halloween appetizer because everything in this dish is edible, even the cauldron. A creatively designed bread, dip, and chip dish, this spooky spinach dip is sure to make heads turn. Everything from the black icing color of the bowl to the gory spinach inside it makes it witchy and adds to the festival’s spirit.

5. Severed Toes Wrapped In Bandages 

Via Womansday

Things just went from gory to gruesome quickly with this severed toe recipe. If you want to make a memorable snack that your guests will not forget for years to come, then these severed toes wrapped in bandages are perfect. It is a modern take on pigs in a blanket, and we love the creativity.

6. Ghost Pizza Bagels 

Via Delish

Remember all those times you were running late and grabbed a bagel to go? Well, you can turn the very same bagel into a Halloween appetizer in just 30 minutes by following this recipe by Delish. It combines two of our favorites – pizza and ghosts to create a delicious ghost pizza bagel with just 4 ingredients.

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7. Monster Wraps For Appetizers 

Via Womansday

If Frankenstein was your favorite character, then you’re in for a treat with these adorable monster wrap appetizer snacks. It’s a spinach burrito filled with your favorite stuffings and a face made of veggies to make your kids crack up. The best thing is you can fill the burrito with the stuffing of your choice and still make it spooky on the outside.

8. Breadstick Snakes 

Via Countryliving

Are you struggling to use the leftover pizza dough? Make some delicious appetizers that look like snakes and fit perfectly with the theme of Halloween. This breadstick rattlers recipe is an elevated version of finger food. It is also very healthy despite using the pizza dough. If you want to make something unique, then this is it.

9. Saucy Spider With Breadsticks 

Via Countryliving

We’re on a roll with the animal-inspired recipes coming in back to back to add some much-needed spookiness to your Halloween party. This saucy spider with hairy leg breadsticks is one of our favorite appetizers on the list. It is a perfect combination of pizza and bread with parmesan cheese to add more flavor.

10. Witch’s Brooms For Breakfast

Via Foodnetwork

Thanks to the Food Network, we realized that witch brooms could also be used as appetizers. You will have to follow their recipe to make edible brooms. You will not regret having these adorable witch brooms for breakfast on Halloween instead of regular pretzels.

11. Mummy Hot Dogs 

Via Delish

There can never be too many mummy designs when we’re talking about Halloween, so this mummy hot dog appetizer had to be on our list. A classic American staple, the hot dog, is easy to make and eat (if you have kids, you’ll understand the burden of cleaning up after a feast), which is why it’s one of the favorite recipes.

12. Witch Hat Calzones For The Win

Via Jeanniestriedandtruerrecipes

Our witchiness knows no bounds when it comes to delicious appetizers like these calzones. If you want to create a fun snack or a side dish for your meal, then try out this very easy-to-make recipe. They’re also a favorite among kids, so you can count on these if you’re having a party anytime soon.

13. Ghost Pies 

Via Foodnetwork

Hand pies and honey go together like bread and butter. Add in some adorable ghosts, and you have an award-winning appetizer on your hands. It is also the perfect fried snack to have at home when guests are coming over on Halloween. You can even try adding your own touch to the ghost design.

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14. Scary Sausage Worms 

Via Foodnetwork

When you’re looking to cook something that will genuinely frighten people, then you can stop looking because these sausage worms are perfect for it. Unlike their presentation, they taste delicious with caramel and vinegar. Apple cider vinegar and brown sugar add a healthy aspect to this recipe. 

15. Bloody Berry Salad

Via Foodnetwork

We know we needed to include something for our health-conscious audience, and what better than this bloody berry salad when it comes to healthy Halloween appetizers. Mix some berries, lychees, and raspberry jam to give the salad a bloody look. You can keep the fruits mixed for a long before serving to let the lychees absorb the red color completely.

16. Mummy Meat Loaves

Via Womansday

Meatloaves that look too adorable to eat should definitely be on your Halloween cook list this year. This amazingly easy recipe gives you detailed steps on how you can make your loaves look like a mummy ready to jump out. If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet straightforward appetizer, then this is it!

17. Cheesy Spiders 

Via Womansday

We can never say no to cheese, especially on Halloween when it comes cooked as a spider. As weird as it sounds, it tastes delicious. It takes only ten minutes to prepare! So when you’re running late from the office and have to bring a dish for Halloween, these cheesy spiders will save the day.

18. Jack-O-Lantern Quesidillas 

Via Delish

Mexican cuisine is a treat in itself, but a classic jack-o-lantern quesadilla is a delight! As simple as it looks, it is a complete package with spices, cheese, and chicken. You can easily feed four people with one serving, which makes it a perfect appetizer choice for a small family gathering.

19. Devilled Tea Eggs For Halloween

Via Karenskitchenstories

If you want to go for something a little fancier than the regular appetizer dishes for Halloween, then these deviled tea eggs are ready to be your new inspiration. Marbled texture, tea-infused flavor, and spicy sauces make this a dish to remember. Serve it with some googly eyes, and you’re good to go! 

20. Compost Crudites With Dip 

Via Foodnetwork

These compost crudites are undoubtedly one of the weirdest appetizer dishes we’ve come across, but how could we resist mentioning them? The ranch dirt dip only makes the beans more delicious. The recipe is very easy to follow and even gives you ideas on the spookiest ways of plating this dish.

21. Dracula Dentures Bites 

Via Delish

It’s time to fulfill all your childhood Dracula dreams with this yummy denture dessert. The Dracula denture bites need only five ingredients and look very realistic. If baking is your forte, this appetizer will be a cakewalk for you. Pun intended.

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22. Graveyard Taco Dip 

Via Chickabug

Who doesn’t like tacos? And if you’re serving tacos, you must have a delicious dip to go with it. This graveyard taco dip is not just yummy but also very spooky with a creative design that leaves you wanting not to spoil it once cooked. As a cherry on top, it’s also super healthy!

23. PB & Jelly Bat Sandwiches 

Via Womansday

Did you know you could cook something as simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Halloween? All you need to do is make regular sandwiches and cut them in the shape of bats. These bat sandwiches are a last-minute savior for someone who cannot cook on a stove to save their life. 

24. Brain Dip With Breadsticks 

Via Homemadehooplah

Talking about the best Halloween dips got us thinking about this gory brain dip that will leave an unforgettable impression when served. Before you ask us, yes, it is edible and what’s even better is that it is a dessert dip. Mark it as a must-try recipe and get ready to cook a realistic-looking brain.

25. Pull-Apart Bread With Adorable Icing 

Via Chopstickchronicles

Bread is a staple that you can cook any time of the day on any occasion. This Halloween pull-apart bread recipe is too good to miss. Super fluffy Japanese bread that is cooked and then decorated with cute decorations is guaranteed to be a great appetizer.

26. Pulled Pork Sliders 

Via Delish

If you’re looking for a more filling appetizer for your Halloween party, then these pulled pork sliders will be a great choice. Delish has curated this delicious recipe that makes the best pork sliders full of spices and flavor. Everything from the ingredients to the plating is well thought out and makes it a great dish to serve at a party.

27. A Halloween Snack Tray 

Via Foxeslovelemons

We thought, why not end the list with something that includes a bit of everything, making it a complete Halloween appetizer board. This Halloween snack tray is nothing short of a feast in itself, but it is worth the effort. If you’re someone who can’t pick one appetizer, then this snack tray will be your saving grace. 

We hope by now you’re itching to get to the kitchen and get started on making the best Halloween appetizers for your friends and family. Every dish in this list has a unique design that makes it perfect for Halloween.

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