25 Easy Overripe Pear Recipes

If you’ve enjoyed a perfectly ripe pear, you have surely devoured every bite of the sweet, fragrant fruit. Since pears are available all year long, they have a permanent spot in our fruit bowls. But if you are observing some brown spots on them, then they are overripe! But, don’t worry, they aren’t inedible yet. So, what to do with all those overripe pears?

While it is impossible to finish dozens of pears within the right time no matter how much you plan, there is still a lot you could do with the overripe pears. To help you with the same, we have curated some of the most delicious and unique overripe pear recipes. From nutrient-rich pear smoothie bowls and pear sorbet to pear jams and apple-pear pies, these recipes are approved by foodies from around the world!

From sweet to savory, there is something for everyone. You’ll love how easy it is to make these recipes using overripe pears.


25 Overripe Pear Recipes

1. Air Fryer Pears

Via Thishealthykitchen

Pears are available in almost all grocery stores and one is never out of stock when it comes to them. Harvested around late summer, pears can be used to make delicious dishes like air fryer pears! You will need juicy pears, maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg to prepare this amazing caramelized dish that will taste so good. 

2. Prickly Pear Limeade

Via Foodtheffeed

As the name suggests, this mocktail is made of prickly pears, lime juice, ginger, and agave nectar for extra flavor. Prickly pears are very similar to ripe avocados that work as a nutrient booster in our body and are a healthy drink. Use a blender to get the smooth texture, garnish it with a lemon slice and serve it with ice. 

3. Pear Salad

Via Chelseasmessyapron

Wish to compliment the Thanksgiving turkey or the roasted chicken with a special salad? Head straight to this healthy and delicious pear salad recipe. The dressing used is apple cider vinaigrette which is a sleazy combination of virgin olive oil, maple syrup, and Dijon mustard. Mix fresh, ripe pears and candied walnuts to complete the salad and you have a great side dish for a big, fat family dinner!

4. Pear Yogurt Cake

Via Happyandharried

If you have made a proper yogurt cake before, you know how amazing the light tinge flavor is. How about complementing it with some overripe pears? You just have to top a yogurt cake batter with slices of sweet pear and the oven would do the rest. The fruits melt into a custard-like texture and the cake is ready. Top it with cinnamon and powdered sugar and it’s done! 

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5. Pear Smoothie Bowl

Via Fearlessdining

Smoothie bowls have been an all-time favorite because of their nutritious values and low-fat qualities. Try this rich smoothie bowl with Bosc and Anjous pears and give your body a fresh, healthy treat. 

6. Butterscotch Pear Turnovers

Via Stephaniesweets

We avoid pears almost every time it comes to pie fillings but they are one of the best choices. Forget apple pies and go for this delicious pear-nutmeg filling added to a butterscotch pastry dough. Since it is a turnovers recipe, use buttery or puff pastry instead of regular pie dough. Use brown sugar to make the delicious butterscotch sauce and the juicy turnovers would be ready in no time. 

7.  Chocolate Pear Cake

Via Liliebakery

One of my favorites from the lot, this flourless cake is a highly demanded dish because of its high nutritious value. The keto-friendly cake uses almond flour, egg whites, and sliced pears. Go for almonds and sugar powder as toppings and voilà!

8. Ginger Pear Sorbet

Via Twistedtastes

You need ultrasoft pears to make the best sorbet and it is only possible if you have overripe pears. You can also peel semi-ripe pears, slice them, and microwave them until you have the mushy texture for the sorbet. Next, make a simple sugar syrup and take a generous amount of lime juice. The final step is to mix the ingredients in a blender and the sorbet is ready to make your day.

9. Pear Upside Down Cake

Via Cakewhiz

Want to make the perfect dessert? This quick and easy upside-down cake is ready to impress you with its soft, moist, and smooth texture. The recipe can be modified into chocolate pear cake, ginger pear cake, spiced pear cake and so much more in a quick step. So, choose your favorite right away and make the best dessert! 

10. Pear Jam

Via Onehundreddollarsamonth

Canned pears grace our pantry shelves and they’re irresistible. If you are not satisfied with the store-bought ones, make a homemade batch that would suit your tastebuds and that you can enjoy for days. This pear jam, for example, is a striking combination of pears, fresh lemon juice, pectin, and butter. Modify the taste according to you and a new breakfast spread is ready.

11. Pear Bourbon Smash Cocktail

Via Justalittlebitofbacon

We have tasted fruity cocktails and loved many of them. It is time to indulge in some pear wonder with hints of bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. So, next time you think about throwing those overripe pears in the trash, remember this smash cocktail and start preparing it!

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12. Pear & Brie Quesadilla

Via Numstheword

Ripe pears with salt and pepper taste great and you can add some cheese to up the ante. This unique quesadilla is made of regular flour tortillas with Brie cheese fillings and a tasty pear layer. Add butter and a pinch of ground nutmeg to enhance the flavor and it’s done.

13. Apple Pear Pie

Via Justapinch

Our tastebuds are a little too familiar with apple pies, isn’t it? So, if you have already welcomed fall, let’s welcome a new pear pie as well. Don’t worry, you won’t be missing apples because this deep-dish pie uses both the fruits generously and we love it. It would take about 2 hours to bake and can serve up to 8 individuals.

14. Poached Pears

Via Marthastewart

Poached pear is a great recipe for ripe pears but you have to be careful and make sure they aren’t too soggy. The idea is to bake Bosc pears after adorning them with wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peel, sugar, lemon peel, and some spices. Drizzle them with poaching liquid before serving and enjoy.

15. Caramelized Pear Pie Filling Recipe

Via Hostessatheart

Are you looking for a sweet, caramelized fruit topping? Check out this pear pie filling idea which makes for a great dessert. You will need lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cornstarch to make the filling and it can be preserved for up to 3 months in airtight containers. Use it to top pancakes, waffles, bread spread, or simply relish it with a cup of soup.

16. Pam’s Rustic Caramel Pear Tart

Via Justapinch

You know how some of the greatest recipes have been discovered because people didn’t want to throw some good stuff away, this one is a legit example. The beautiful tart has a cream-custard filling made of pears, caramel, and white chocolate drizzles. You will surely taste one of the best tarts ever with this one!

17. Slow Cooker Pear Butter

Via Closetcooking

The good old peanut butter jars have been permanent members of our pantry and they do have a place reserved in our breakfast spread. How about we mix things up a bit? You have the classic pear butter slow-cooked recipe that ensures the ultimate flavor with a smooth hint of ginger. So, when are you trying bread-and-pear butter?

18. Pork Chops With Apple & Pear Chutney

Via Justapinch

We understand if you are not a fan of mixing salty and sweet food together, that too in the form of meat and fruit. But this recipe will change that. The striking combination of topping pork chops with sliced apples, pears, and cranberries has outdone itself and tastes great. The delicious chutney acts like the cherry on top and it is undoubtedly a great dinner serve.

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19. Pear Oatmeal Muffins

Via Marisamoore

The love for muffins can never go away and it will only increase if you add some pears to the recipe. This healthy oatmeal muffin uses two overripe pears with olive or avocado oil to make the best dessert or quick treat.

20. Eggless Apple Pear Cinnamon Bread

Via Cookingcarnival

Making a quick bread can be very satisfying because you don’t have to wait and keep looking over it. Try this amazing apple-pear bread and a healthy and hearty breakfast is waiting for you.

21. Pear Almond Crumble

Via Sweetnspicyliving

Overripe pears are extremely sweet in flavor. Consider this as a blessing in disguise and make the best almond crumble to beat the summer heat. Top it with delicious vanilla ice cream and it’s ready to roll!

22. Low and Slow Pear Butter Waffles

Via Farmfreshfeasts

As we said, overripe pears might disappoint you if you eat them without any alteration but they surely make the best dessert fillings. Here is an easy and delicious waffle recipe with a smooth, thick pear filling. The kids will love it too!

23. Apple, Cranberry, and Pear Crisp

Via Fortheloveofcooking

Much like that almond pear crumble, this sumptuous crisp has cranberries, apples, and pear in abundance and that’s the beauty of it. Complete the dish by topping it with crisp oats and pecan topping and a comforting holiday dessert is ready!

24. Spiced Pear Sauce

Via Frugalfarmwife

As the name suggests, this pear wonder is really spiced with some of the famous fall spices like pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. Don’t worry, the spiciness is well balanced with the sweetness of those overripe pears. They are ready to be stored in a jar for later use.

25. Amaretto Poached Pears

Via Atasteofamore

Try this low-carb, ten-minute holiday dessert and you will stick to it for years! This fascinating poached pears recipe has the effect of Amaretto liquor and the dessert is topped with whipped cream. The stakes of it becoming your favorite are very high!

These were the most amazing overripe pear recipes specially curated for you.  We are sure you’re craving at least one dish at the moment and cannot wait to begin preparing it. We won’t stop you, get going!

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