27 Best Halloween Cocktails

Spooky season celebrations are incomplete without some refreshments, and by that, we mean cocktails! Let’s be real, who wouldn’t need some liquid courage that day? What kind of a Halloween would it be if you didn’t serve the best Halloween cocktails to your guests? From bloody drinks to crazy eye shots to classic pumpkin drinks, nothing is off-limits when it comes to Halloween. Take inspiration from these super easy yet incredibly delicious cocktail recipes and wow your guests!


27 Best Halloween Cocktails

1. Bloody Mary Syringes

Via Delish

Starting off the list with a bang are these bloody mary syringes. If you’re wondering if a cocktail can come in anything other than glasses, then yes, they can! These syringes are the perfect addition to a unique, spooky drink this Halloween. Their tangy flavor just adds to the appeal.

2. The Classic Jack O’ Lantern Cocktail 

Via Thespruceeats

Oranges and brandy can never go wrong, and as if that isn’t enough, add a classic Halloweeny design to it! This jack o’ lantern cocktail doesn’t just look like it was made for Halloween; it also tastes like one. It is zesty and refreshing, giving your guests and loved ones a much-needed cocktail break!

3. Witches Brew Drink 

Via Acouplecooks

As kids, we’ve seen shows where witches brew a neon liquid that gave them instant powers. Well, why not make one for yourself? This witches brew drink is an easy Halloween cocktail recipe. It can even double up as a punch for non-alcoholic friends. 

4. Hocus Pocus Inspired Morning Glorious Drink

Via Champagneandcoconuts

We are not going to include witchy drinks in our list and miss out on this iconic hocus pocus-inspired glorious morning drink. It is a great nostalgic drink that carries the Halloween spirit. You can even add miniature decor like hats, broomsticks, etc., to give the cocktail some glamour.

5. Candy Corn Martini 

Via Theshortordercook

How can a Halloween cocktail recipe list be complete without a candy corn drink on it? This candy corn martini cocktail recipe is here to add sweetness to your spooky Halloween party. Pineapple, vodka, and candy corn sound like just the combination you need to rock the party.

6. Screamsicle Thick Shakes 

Via Delish

Whoever said shakes are too heavy to be cocktails hasn’t had these screamsicle shakes, made of milk, chocolate, and vanilla vodka. It is a tummy-filling drink to keep your energy up during the festival, but also very boozy, which is just what you need for a great night. Add some orange sprinkles and edible straws, and you’re all set!

7. Liquid Web Cocktails 

Via Countryliving

Spicy nutmeg and chocolate spiders take us right to the core of Halloween, and this drink is just that, in a glass. With a beautiful presentation and even better taste, these liquid web cocktails are going to be an instant favorite among your guests. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate and coffee liquor cocktail? And guess what? It takes only a total of 10 minutes to make!

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8. Cozy Pumpkin Martini 

Via Acouplecooks

When you say Halloween, we hear pumpkin, so it is only natural for us to include this delicious cozy pumpkin martini in our list. Everything from pumpkin spice to the crunchy graham cracker rim screams Halloween to us. It’s a great thing that the recipe also includes a healthy dose of vodka to even out the sweetness.

9. Mad-Eye Lychee Cocktail 

Via Thespruceeats

You can geek out simply by looking at some drinks, and this mad-eye lychee martini is hitting the bull’s eye. Everything about this drink is scary, from the detail on the gruesome eyeball to the pale color of the drink. So if you’re looking for a cocktail that raises eyebrows, this is it.

10. Cotton Candy Shots 

Via Delish

If you don’t have the time to invent new cocktails, simply follow this recipe by delish, and you will have some crazy cotton candy shots ready to be served. They’re mesmerizing to look at and, even more fun to taste. Five minutes is all you need when running close to the clock to make this cocktail.

11. Beetle Juice Cocktail

Via Breadboozebacon

If Frankenstein were to be created as a drink, it would a hundred percent look like this beetle juice cocktail. A healthy juice with a cocktail is perfect for all your health-conscious guests. It tastes the complete opposite of how it looks; fruity and sweet.

12. Purple Potion Cocktail With A Punch 

Via Countryliving

Are you entertaining many guests this Halloween and want an easy yet spooky drink to make? Get started on making this purple potion cocktail which is essentially grape juice, soda, and ice cream. One pitcher only takes ten minutes to make and can serve up to 9 people. It is a solid, delicious, and sprinkly cocktail you must try!

13. A Bloody Mummy 

Via Setthetable

This bloody mummy cocktail is undoubtedly one of the best (and spookiest) cocktails we’ve seen. It is a modern take on a bloody mary with the addition of some very unique ingredients like; celery, carrots, and string cheese. You must try it this Halloween!

14. Haunted Graveyard

Via Sprinkleandsprouts

If you’re looking for something simple to drink, a classic bourbon is fitting. This Haunted Graveyard cocktail is sophisticated and classy, with bourbon and maple combined to give you a delicious zing. The smoking rosemary indeed adds spookiness – right on theme for Halloween.

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15. Poison Glitter Apple Drink

Via Delish

Not a lot of people like exploring and making apple cocktails for Halloween as they can be too simple, but we’ve found the perfect recipe. This poison glitter apple drink is – as its name suggests – glittery. You just need to have a cocktail shaker or a blender to make this recipe a sparkling success; pun intended.

16. Fresh Blackberry Black Widow Cocktail 

Via Halfbakedharvest

The fresh blackberry black widow cocktail is something you’d want to sip on after all the craziness has died down. It is a simple yet spooky drink with a color that could rival a black widow’s will. All you need are blackberries, lemons, tequila, sparkling water, and orange critters to make this delicious cocktail in no time.

17. Vampire Bite Halloween Cocktail 

Via Karacreates

Some of us have lived far too long in our imagination of coming across a vampire, but it’s time to use that imagination to create a spectacular Halloween drink. The vampire bite Halloween cocktail uses black cherry lemonade as blood. The additions of vampire molars and spider straw make it the right drink for Halloween.

18. Sea Monster Gin Cocktail 

Via Girlandtonic

This sea monster gin cocktail is one of those drinks that go easy on the eyes without all the gory, bloody color. This spiced rum orange drink looks like it came just fresh out of the bottle. The best part is that you need only 4 ingredients to make this – spiced rum, grapefruit, ginger beer, and grenadine.

19. Boozy Butterbear  

Via Delish

A punch that is tasty, buttery, and boozy; what else do you need for Halloween? This boozy butterbeer drink looks like it’s made for kids but wait till you taste it. The rich vanilla vodka, seltzer, and soda give it a healthy dose of alcohol, which we all are looking for when the spookiness begins.

20. Blood Orange Martini 

Via Culinaryginger

If spiderman is your favorite avenger, how can you miss serving these spider martinis? The blood orange martini is a bloody-looking drink that you can even make as a mocktail for your kids. The idea of painting a spider on the side of the glass with a hanging spider steals the show.

21. Halloween Special Sangria 

Via Wellplated

We are calling forth all the adventurous drinkers this Halloween with this beautiful Halloween special sangria. It is the perfect drink to sip on while answering the door to trick-or-treaters. Add in extra red wine or brandy if you feel like you deserve a reward after putting the kids to bed. 

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22. Melted Witchy Martini 

Via 3yummytummies

This melted witchy martini looks like it deserves a party of its own with its vibrant colors and exquisite decoration. Three yummy tummies know just how to turn heads this Halloween, and we’re here for it. Everything in this drink, from the green vodka martini paired with a realistic broom to chomp on and sprinkled rim, adds beauty.

23. Jell-O Shots 

Via Delish

These Jell-O shots remind us of the treats our parents asked us to never take from strangers, which is why they’re perfect for Halloween. They double up as a small snack with a  chocolate hat, cream, and oreo to compliment the Jell-O. You can make different color Jell-o’s and add decor to them.

24. Toasted S’mores Martini 

Via Thecookierookie

It’s time to put things on fire because the s’mores totally snatched our eye in this martini. The cookie rookie has combined the best of both worlds and created this marshmallow vodka martini for adults to enjoy this Halloween. It screams fall with its chocolate liqueur, cream layer, smoked marshmallow, and graham cracker rim.

25. DIY Stencil Halloween Drink 

Via Abeautifulmess

A drink that allows you to get creative and still not go overboard? Count us in! This Halloween drink uses a stencil (which is very inexpensive) to add a layer of spookiness to the rum and lemon drink. The tutorial is very easy to follow, giving you clear steps on how to make it. 

26. Danger Grave Cocktail 

Via Boulderlocavore

As funny as it sounds, the danger grave cocktail is not here to mess around on Halloween. This is one of the best cocktails as it is simple, stylish, and delicious at the same time. We couldn’t end the list without including a whisky cocktail, so here we are, with the gravedigger that will freshen you up in no time.

27. Bloody Champagne Bellini 

Via Garlicandzest

The bloody champagne bellini is here to end the list with a bang. This blood-red drink is as sweet as cherries and spooky as a skeleton. You only need 2 minutes and 2 ingredients – Amarena cherry syrup and crémant – to make this yummy cocktail for your friends.

When you’re looking for a creative yet easy cocktail to make, go for the classic pumpkin martini, and when you’re feeling adventurous, a sangria should do the job! These best Halloween cocktails are so exciting that you’ll wonder which one to try first. Happy Halloween! 

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