best subsitutes for lupini beans

3 Best Substitutes for Lupini Beans

A game-changer when it comes to the alternative protein industry, lupini beans are all the craze right now. A powerhouse of fiber, all nine amino acids, protein, vitamins and minerals, lupini beans are a must-have for anyone trying out a vegan diet. 

However, they can be quite costly depending on where you’re from. Worse still, they might not even be available in stores near you. Or maybe you just don’t like the taste. 

Whatever your reason might be, I have got you covered with substitutes for lupini beans that you can find near you!


3 Best Substitutes for Lupini Beans

1. Butter Beans

butter beans

Butter beans, also known as lima beans, get their name from the texture and flavor they possess when fully cooked. 

What makes butter beans an ideal substitute for lupini beans is that they have the same nutty flavor. The texture, however, is the polar opposite of lupini beans. Butter beans have a hard time retaining their form and get creamy when fully cooked, whereas lupini beans stay firm.

But if you’re looking for a substitute for your dip or stew, butter beans might prove to be better than lupini beans. Both beans need a thorough soaking before they can be consumed.

How to Substitute: 

One cup of butter beans can substitute one cup of lupini beans. Soak both beans before cooking. 

2. Fava Beans 

fava beans

Fava beans, sometimes referred to as “broad beans”, is a distinct flavor on this list. 

Fava beans lack the bitterness which people describe lupini beans possessing, and instead are slightly sweet and even “cheesy”. They are great substitutions for when you’re making salads or soups. Fava beans always add an intense flavor to your dish. 

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Although they are easy to incorporate, they can be a little hard to prepare, as you need to soak and remove the skins before they can be edible. They have a texture similar to chickpeas. 

How to Substitute: 

One cup of fava beans can replace one cup of lupini beans. To remove the skin, cook them halfway (around 1 hour), rinse, and pop out the beans from the skin by hand.

3. Edamame 


Whether you use them in a salad, or as a crunchy snack, edamame has long been a household staple for many regions in East Asia. 

What makes edamame a good substitute for lupini beans is its various health benefits and flavor. 

Comparatively milder in taste, edamame has been described to be similar to peas, with a hint of buttery sweetness and nuttiness. Use them in a salad for a soft, but firm crunch. Some people eat them straight from the pod after cooking them for a little while. 

How to Substitute:

½ cup of edamame can substitute 1 cup of lupini beans.

Lupini beans can be hard to find, and prove to be a little expensive for some people, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite dish in your way! 

With a bit of ingenuity, and digging around in your pantry, you’re sure to find one of these substitutes for lupini beans lying around right under your nose. Improvise to elevate your favorite dish even further. 

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