7 Best Substitutes for Fava Beans

Are you out of fava beans? Or are you simply looking for alternatives? Well, whatever the case is you’re at the right place!

Beans are one of the best nutrient-rich food and they deserve every praise. These botanical fruits have been used as a vegetable for centuries. If you are a broad beans or fava beans fan, you should also consider some amazing substitutes for them in an out-of-stock emergency.

Don’t worry, they are almost similar in taste and flavor, and would do justice to your culinary dishes. But before we dive into the substitutes for fava beans, let’s know what exactly are fava beans?


What Are Fava Beans?

Native to North Africa and the Middle East, fava beans are a type of legume popular in many parts of the world. Also known as Broad beans, they are large and have a flattened oval shape with a smooth, creamy texture.

They are light green in color and have a mild, nutty flavor. They are often used in stews, soups, and salads, and they can also be cooked and mashed like potatoes.

Fava beans can be found in most grocery stores, and they are also available dried or canned. When buying dried fava beans, make sure to look for beans that are light in color and free of blemishes. Canned fava beans can be found in the international aisle of most grocery stores.

Check out these best fava bean substitutes and unleash the master chef in you!

7 Best Substitutes for Fava Beans

1. Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans are chickpeas – an annual legume stuffed with lots of protein. A popular staple in the middle east for years, chickpeas are full of nutrients that can help manage weight, regulate blood sugar levels, and protect against chronic diseases. 

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If you are looking for a fava beans substitute, go for the light tan beans without a second thought. They are available in a fresh, dried, or canned form which is very convenient. The flavor is milder than that of fava beans but a good amount of plant protein in a single-serve is guaranteed.

How to substitute:

A cup of fava beans is equal to a cup of chickpeas, just double the water content for the latter. Wash the fresh peas, drain, rinse and enjoy! 

2. Lima Beans

My favorite bean from the lot, lima beans, have been known to us since the beginning of time. Also known as Madagascar bean, chad bean, or wax bean, lima beans have endless culinary uses. The large, flat, kidney-shaped seeds are usually green in color and can be grown all year long. 

Lima beans are an excellent substitute for fava beans since they are readily available almost everywhere. With similar flavor and texture, lima beans can be a good replacement when you need fresh fava beans for a recipe. 

How to substitute:

Much like chickpeas, a cup of lima beans equals a cup of fava beans. You can also use dried lima beans as a substitute for dried fava beans. 

3. White Kidney Beans

Presenting the beautiful white sister of the mighty green peas, also known as Boston bean, haricot, and navy bean. A striking plant product filled with carbs and proteins, white kidney beans are widely used in cooking. People love the creamy and nutty flavor which also gives a nutrient boost. 

Cannellini beans can be used in place of fava beans if you want to avoid broad beans without compromising on the taste. Though they are different in appearance, they bring similar tastes and goodness to recipes. 

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How to substitute:

Use the same amount of white kidney beans in place of fava beans to make stews and soups like a pro. Peel the bean shell in advance and use it in salads to up the ante! 

4. Green Peas

They say those who eat greens live a healthy life and it is right in every sense! These green peas have graced our gourmet recipes for years and taste amazing. They have a high nutritious value as they contain antioxidants and lots of Vitamin C. 

Consumed in different parts of the world, green peas are sold as fresh vegetables, canned products, and even dried ones as a quick snack. Replace those broad beans with these green peas and you will be strengthening your immune system more than ever! 

How to substitute:

There is no hard rule when you are replacing fava beans with cute green peas as it depends on your taste. 

5. Red Kidney Beans

Slightly different than pinto beans, these red kidney beans are also known as rajma in the Asian continent. Filled with carbs, protein, and iron, these red wonders taste amazing and are filling. They are also sold in canned containers which have a shelf life of up to 5 years.

The red beans are a good alternative for dried fava beans as they do full justice to all the recipes when used instead of broad beans. You might miss the cream texture of fava beans but the unique flavor of the red kidney beans will not let you down. 

How to substitute:

1 cup of red kidney beans is equal to 1 cup of fava beans so there’s no fuss in the measurements. Enjoy a bowl of soup, salads, and exquisite stews full of nutrients with these. 

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6. Black Beans

If you don’t like overwhelming flavors when it comes to beans, black beans are the right fit. Native to America, black beans have been widely introduced to the world and are now found in almost every kitchen. 

Thanks to the velvety texture, black beans can be used as an alternative to fava beans. You can enjoy the versatility and aroma like nothing else! Whether you’re looking for a replacement for fava beans in a recipe or just want to try something new, black beans are a great option.

How to substitute:

A cup of black beans is equal to a cup of fava beans and it can be used to make salads, purees, and soups.

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7. Edamame

Widely found in the exquisite cuisines of East Asia, edamame is immature soybeans packed with protein and carbs. It is one of the very few beans that are blanched with salt water for taste instead of adding raw salt. They effectively reduce the risk of heart diseases and can be consumed to cure high cholesterol. 

After lima beans, edamame is probably the closest substitute for fava beans because of the similar flavor and texture. With slight hints of peas, edamame is buttery with nutty undertones and tastes delicious when cooked properly. 

How to substitute:

A cup of edamame can replace a cup of fava beans however you can reduce the quantity if you want to tone down the flavor. Enjoy fries, steamed or roasted beans, and even yummy dips. 

The curated list of substitutes for Fava beans ends here but your creativity doesn’t. If you found this post helpful, do share it!

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