9 Best Substitutes For Diced Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient that is used in various dishes across the world. From pasta sauces to stews, diced tomatoes are the first thing anyone would go for because they can add flavor and color to your meal. However, sometimes you may not have any diced tomatoes on hand, or you may be in a rush, so sitting down to dice those tomatoes nicely may not be an option.

When situations like these come forward, you can count on us to have the best solutions ready. Here are some amazing substitutes for diced tomatoes that you can pick from, depending on their availability and your preference.


9 Best Substitutes For Diced Tomatoes

1. Tomato Puree

Tomato puree is the best substitute for diced tomatoes as it already comes in a smooth, thick consistency. Made from cooked and strained tomatoes, you can easily add tomato puree to any dish without doing any extra work. It will thicken up your dish slightly more than diced tomatoes would, so keep that in mind when adding it to soups or stews.

A puree will not have the same taste potency as diced tomatoes would, but it will definitely add a lot of water to your dish. If your recipe goes well with liquid or requires stock as an ingredient, then this substitute is your best option.

How to substitute: When you’re in a hurry, substitute diced tomatoes with four parts tomato puree and one part tomato paste. This combination results in an excellent taste for whatever meal you’re cooking.

2. Tomato Juice

When you don’t have the time to dice the tomatoes, just slash them in halves and put them in a blender for delicious tomato juice. It will make your dish more watery than usual, but the acidity levels will be just right. This liquid also works wonders when you want to deglaze a pan.

But that’s not the best part! The versatility of tomato juice is unmatched as you can use it in Bloody Marys, cocktails, and soups. You name it, and tomato juice can do it all! It’s possible that it can be used instead of water or stock in stews and braises.

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How to substitute: Simply replace diced tomatoes with an equal amount of tomato juice. Just cook it through the dish for the best flavor.

3. Fresh Tomatoes

If you have some fresh tomatoes available in your kitchen, then you have nothing to worry about. Quit worrying about dicing them and give them a rough chop instead. It won’t be as fine as diced tomatoes, but it will retain the same taste and texture.

This is an excellent option when making salads, gazpacho, or pasta sauce. The only downside to using fresh tomatoes is that they’ll make your dish more watery than usual. Roma tomatoes are great for this purpose, but you may use any kind of tomato that appeals to you. With the benefit of fresh juiciness, the flavor is more inconspicuous.

How to substitute: Use four cups of fresh tomatoes to replace one cup of Diced tomatoes in a dish. Fresh tomatoes are pretty powerful; too much of their contents may harm your taste buds.

4. Crushed Tomatoes

The name itself gives the essence of crushed tomatoes. These are tomatoes that have been crushed and strained to form a thick, chunky sauce. There are no large pieces or chunks in this type of tomato. It is an ideal ingredient for chili, pizza sauce, and pasta sauce dishes.

Since it already has a smooth consistency, there’s no need to cook it further or worry about the texture. Crushed tomatoes will give your dish a more robust flavor than diced tomatoes.

How to substitute: Use the same amount of crushed tomatoes in place of diced tomatoes. If you add your crushed tomatoes gradually and taste your dish as you go, you can prevent these crushed tomatoes from overpowering the flavor of your finished dish.

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5. Whole Peeled Tomatoes

If you want a chunkier texture in your dish and more of a tomato flavor, then whole peeled tomatoes are the way to go. As the name suggests, whole peeled tomatoes are nothing but tomatoes stripped of their skin but still their seeds intact.

This makes them perfect to be used as a replacement for diced tomatoes without doing any extra work. Many people crush whole tomatoes before combining them with other ingredients in pasta sauces, soups, etc. Canned whole peeled tomatoes are readily available in supermarkets.

How to substitute: Use 1 tbsp whole peeled tomatoes instead of 1 tbsp diced tomatoes. Work with the additional flavoring when using this alternative.

6. Tomato Soup

Tomato soup may come off as an odd choice, but it can be used as a replacement for diced tomatoes, especially in soup or stock recipes. The best thing about using tomato soup is that it already has a smooth texture and doesn’t need any more cooking or meddling.

You can make tomato soup from scratch at home or even buy it from the supermarket. Just make sure to pick a brand that doesn’t have any added spices or herbs. It might be served hot or cold, and you can prepare it in various ways.

How to substitute: For each cup of diced tomatoes, use 1/2 cup of tomato soup. Depending on how thick or watery you want your dish, you might need to add more.

7. Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is yet another excellent alternative that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for diced tomatoes. It is made by cooking down tomatoes until all the water has evaporated and only the solids are left behind. Tomato paste is highly concentrated and has a very intense flavor.

A little goes a long way with this one, so use it sparingly. It is an ideal ingredient for making pizza sauce, soup, or stew. Tomato paste, which is a natural product, not only enhances the flavor of soups and marinades but also makes them thicker.

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How to substitute: As an alternative for diced tomatoes, you may combine one-third of a cup of tomato paste with two-thirds of the amount of water.

8. Canned Tomatoes

This is probably the most obvious solution when it comes to substitutes for diced tomatoes. All you need to do is open a can of tomatoes and pour their contents into your dish. You can give it a quick chop before adding it in if you want, but simply opening and dumping it in the pan would work when on a time crunch.

You can find canned tomatoes almost everywhere, so this is a great option even if you are in a pinch and forgot to dice your tomatoes beforehand. But make sure you use up all the substance once the can is opened, or it will get rotten.

How to substitute: For a similar taste level, we recommend using 1/2 tablespoon of canned tomatoes per Diced tomatoes when cooking with canned tomatoes.

9. Tomato Sauce

Last but not least, tomato sauce is an excellent option to consider as a diced tomato substitute, especially in pasta recipes. It has a smooth texture and can be easily incorporated into your dish without any fuss.

It is one of the alternatives you can find very easily at your nearest local store or supermarket. Even though tomato sauce has a slightly different taste than diced tomatoes, it does the job just as well and can be used when in a hurry!

How to substitute: For the best result, use one-third of a cup of tomato sauce and two-thirds of the cup of tomato puree in place of diced tomatoes.

This was it for our list of the best substitutes for diced tomatoes. We hope you found this helpful and that you’ll be able to find the perfect replacement the next time you cannot dice your tomatoes!

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