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13 Best Substitutes for Accent Seasoning 

Accent seasoning might be the tastiest spice mix out there, but it also has excessive MSG (Monosodium glutamate) in it. This seasoning can pretty much be added to any sort of recipe, and even can be used to improve your Asian cuisine. 

Accent seasoning is super popular in the United States, but there are also several alternatives in case you don’t have it.  But due to MSG being the main ingredient, you might want to look for alternatives. 

So, let’s talk about some of the best accent seasoning substitutes – some that are for sure going to suit any flavor needs you might have in the kitchen next!


13 Best Substitutes for Accent Seasoning 

1. Salt

salt is a substitute for accent seasoning

When looking for flavor boosters, salt is an essential ingredient that cannot be overlooked. Not to add that salt is readily available wherever you live. Salt also works with all dishes well, as long as you are fine with the high sodium content.

Make cautious not to oversalt your recipes because too much sodium might lead to high blood pressure. You don’t have to worry about not being able to find salt whenever you need it because it is an ingredient that is available in all of your neighborhood grocery stores.

How to Substitute:- Add salt in the same quantity that you would have used accent seasoning.

2. Spices

Before there was such a thing as accent seasoning, people utilized a variety of spices to flavor their food. Just a few of the various spices that can be used in a wide variety of cuisines include pepper, garlic, and others. Not to mention that spices naturally add flavor and are superior to MSG.

Fry them in cooking oil to bring out their best flavor – Now you are ready to cook delicious meals for loved ones even when you don’t have accent seasoning at hand!

How to Substitute:- Use the blend you make from the spices used in accent seasoning in your recipes.

3. Soy Sauce

soy sauce- substitute for accent seasoning

Soy sauce is made from amino acids which makes it one of the most perfect accent seasoning substitutes. Soy sauce has been used all around the world due to its complex test. Its sweet, bitter, and many other flavors at the same time, making it 

Soy sauce is also simple to find in local grocery stores around the globe and has a longer shelf life than many other options. Asian dishes especially use soy sauce more frequently to improve the flavors of the end results. So if you have access to soy sauce, you can definitely use it to substitute accent seasoning while you cook. 

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How to Substitute:- A tablespoon of accent seasoning can be replaced with one tablespoon of soy sauce.

4. Herbs 

herbs are accent seasoning substitute

Herbs are a common home item and are widely available in grocery stores all over the world. A few examples of the many herbs that can be used in place of accent seasoning are oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc. Herbs, like spices, are natural flavor enhancers that can instantly elevate your dishes.

When utilizing herbs, the one thing you must remember is to balance them well with the other ingredients. To give them a chance to flavor the entire dish, add dried herbs first and fresh ones last. Keep a variety of herbs on hand at all times to make sure you always have the proper ones on hand for the recipe you’re attempting.

How to Substitute:- Herbs mix should be used in the same quantity as accent seasoning.

5. Beef Stock Or Broth

beef stock in a bowl

If you don’t mind a non-vegan option, beef stock is another popular substitute for accent seasoning used by people. Both homemade and store-bought beef stock will work fine to add the umami flavor to the dishes even without the accent seasoning. 

Liquidy dishes like soups or stews are perfect for experimenting with beef stock. Both beef stock and broth do have a little bit of a different texture, so keep that in mind before you use them in your recipes. If you can get past the different textures and it being meat, you can easily use either of these options to enhance your meals. 

How to Substitute:- Use the same quantity of beef stock or broth you would when using accent seasoning.

6. Bouillon Powder

Another one of the most popular accent seasoning substitutes, no doubt, has to be bouillon powder. This is another excellent option for meat lovers as bouillon powder is made from MSG, vegetables, meat stock, and some extra seasonings. But don’t worry, this powder also comes in pure vegan or vegetarian alternatives!

Beef bouillon powder is fat and cholesterol-free due to its natural flavoring. If you don’t want the hassle of cutting fresh vegetables to add to your dishes, simply add this powder and that’s it! Bouillon powder, whether you are a vegan or a meat lover, can be easier to find and use in most recipes you want to try. 

How to Substitute:- If you’re using Bouillon powder instead of accent seasoning, use the same amount.

7. Cajun Seasoning 

cajun seasoning is a substitute for accent seasoning

The use of Cajun seasoning has grown in popularity recently all over the world as well. Due to its distinctive qualities, it has also become a fantastic replacement for accent seasoning. This seasoning is spicy, however, the level of heat varies depending on the brand you choose.

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Black peppers, onions, garlic, paprika, and other components are some of those used to make cajun seasoning. When you use this seasoning, you can anticipate a smokey taste with traces of garlic. To use this seasoning effectively while cooking, it is important to be aware of its intensity.

How to Substitute:- The amount you should put The amount of Cajun seasoning you use is entirely dependent on how spicy or smokey you want your dish to be.

8. Creole Seasoning 

Accent seasoning has been replaced with a different mixture of herbs and spices known as creole seasoning. It is particularly utilized in creole cuisine, which combines flavors from Native American, European, and African cuisines.

Creole seasoning offers you the possibility to taste a wholly unique flavor in your culinary creations with the use of basil, oregano, black pepper, and several other spices. You can easily produce this seasoning at home by combining all the various spices if you don’t want to buy it from the shop. 

How to Substitute:- Use the same quantity of accent seasoning as you would have used of creole seasoning.

9. Kosher Salt

As we have previously explained, salt is already one of the best alternatives to accent seasoning. Thus, if you need accent seasoning, you can also think about using Kosher salt, a popular salt variety. If Kosher salt is readily accessible in your neighborhood grocery stores, you might want to explore using that instead of the standard accent seasoning.

The coarse salt alternative known as kosher gives the food you’re making a little saltiness. Alternative salt types, such as rock salt, can serve as a suitable option for accent seasoning. So, if you have access to those, incorporate them into your favorite recipes to enhance the flavor.

How to Substitute:- The amount of accent seasoning should be the same as the amount of kosher salt. 

10. Homemade Accent Seasoning 

Homemade Accent Seasoning in a bowl

If you don’t want to use store-bought accent seasoning because it contains MSG, you are going to like this substitute. Because when you make the seasoning at home from scratch, you know exactly what goes in the mixture. 

Here is what you need to make accent seasoning at home:-

  • Black pepper – 4 tbsp
  • Dried basil – 2 tbsp
  • Garlic powder – 4 tbsp
  • Onion powder – 5 tbsp
  • Chili powder – 4 tbsp
  • Thyme – 2 tbsp
  • Cayenne pepper – 4 tbsp
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Keep in mind that these are standard measurements. You can add more of the spices that you like or even introduce new spices in this blend to make it more suited to your taste. 

How to Substitute:- As you would have done with the store-bought version, use the same amount of accent seasoning.

11. Korean Bamboo Salt

Talking about varieties of salt, here is another one that comes straight from the traditional Korean cooking techniques! Korean bamboo salt is milder than a lot of other salt varieties and also adds a little sulfur flavor to your dishes. 

Korean bamboo salt is made by processing seawater along with bamboo. Korean bamboo salt is expensive though, so you might not be able to purchase it for regular use. 

How to Substitute:- To enhance your dishes, add the same quantity of Korean bamboo salt as you would regular salt.

12. Dairy Concentrates

Dairy concentrates are produced as a result of enzyme alterations to dairy products like butter or cheese. In recent years, dairy concentrates have gained popularity as a substitute for seasoning in accent dishes. These concentrates are mainly used to help bring out the flavors of your ingredients.

As you might expect, they won’t give your food a spicy or salty flavor, but they can help cover over some disagreeable flavors and enhance the flavor of your finished dish. Dairy concentrates can absolutely be used in their place if you can get your hands on them.

How to Substitute:- To avoid adding too much dairy concentrate, taste the meal as you add it.

13. Other Seasoning Brands

There are plenty of seasonings available in the market that don’t use MSG or use it in less quantity. So if you want accent seasoning substitutes, you can use some of these other brand seasonings too. 

There are many additional seasoning choices outside the ones we’ve included here, so feel free to experiment. You can also check your neighborhood grocery stores to see what you can find in place of accent seasoning. Additionally, you’ll be able to select less expensive options while still enhancing the flavor of your meals thanks to this.

How to Substitute:- To figure out the best amount to add, refer to the how-to guides for these seasonings.


Now that you are aware of the 13 greatest seasoning alternatives for accents, you can utilize them in your cooking. Hopefully, this will allow you to avoid MSG in accent seasoning while still making restaurant-quality food at home!

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